Make the Switch to a Metal Roof Today

Make the Switch to a Metal Roof Today

Metal Roofing System in Carrollton, TX

Choosing the right material for your roof, whether commercial or residential, can be a big decision. In order to protect your home or business for 50 years, or more, the experts at Restore Roofing & Remodeling, LLC recommend a metal roofing system.

There are so many benefits to switching to metal. For example, metal roofing is:

  • Lightweight and can be installed over an existing roof.
  • Very durable and can last 50 years or more.
  • Stylish and can mimic other materials such as slate or tile.
  • Energy-efficient because they reflect heat.
  • Environmentally friendly because the materials are recyclable.

Metal roofs are so versatile that we can match the colors on your home to make sure you're meeting your HOA requirements. Make an appointment to discuss metal roofing in Carrollton, TX and the surrounding area today.

Debunking myths about metal

As you consider whether to make the switch to metal, you may hear some commons myths about metal roofs. Restore Roofing & Remodeling wants to make sure you have the most accurate information in order to make your decision.

Have you heard that metal roofs look industrial or ugly? Not anymore! Metal roofing comes in styles that look like everything from asphalt to stone. Have you heard that metal roofing is noisy? Don't worry. New metal roofs are insulated, so they're quiet even during rainstorms.

If you have more questions, ask the team at Restore Roofing & Remodeling right now. We can install your new metal roofing system anywhere in the Carrollton, TX area.