Trust Us to Evaluate Your Roof

Trust Us to Evaluate Your Roof

We offer roof inspections in the Carrollton, Texas area

Are you wondering if your roof is safe and up to standard? Give yourself some peace of mind by hiring Restore Roofing & Remodeling, LLC to perform a roofing inspection for your Carrollton, TX home. We can assess the state of your roof and repair the problem. We can even install a new roof if the damage is beyond repair.

Schedule your roofing inspection by calling 972-538-1909 today.

When to schedule roof inspections

Don't waste time worrying about the state of your roof. Let Restore Roofing & Remodeling inspect it for you. We handle roof inspections in the Carrollton, TX area. It's time to schedule a roofing inspection if:

  • Your roof is more than ten years old
  • There was a recent heavy storm that left your roof in rough condition
  • You notice leaking or water spots on your ceiling
Protect your investment with a roofing inspection. Dial 972-538-1909 to schedule your appointment today.